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is one of the biggest companies that produces and distributes self service washing machines.
It shows a continuously upward trend mainly due to the following options:
  • Continuous investments that primarily focuses on the qualitative and quantitative improvement of the organization to serve customers better.
  • The high level of cooperation with the highest quality partners that have our products available in every corner of the world.
  • Creating a rich range of turnkey and competitive products with commercial interest.
  • Developing high quality services such as after sales service, spare parts,  organizing warehouse and quick response. 

Company's policy is to be developed through satisfied customers.
The distribution network of AXELteam is staffed by official distributors that have integrated and specialty stores in every corner of the world.

AXELteam company has: 
  • Wide range of self service cleaning machines that are successful in the global market.
  • Low cost of co-operation which is offered by the company because of the professional staff, the knowledge and a wealth of services that are offered.
  • Important product inventory (stock): A sophisticated warehouse with large stocks available to the network of AXELteam for instant needs of customers. 
  • Complete Technical Support with quick and responsible service, spare parts in stock and telephone technical guidance.

Trade Policy

Company provides to its cooperating official distributors
transparent trade policy, direct and honest communication,
full support, a rich variety of species.

Mutual cooperation
The cooperation provides benefits to both sides,
AXELteam do it to its partners.
Constant evolution:
In a constantly changing environment, the company is constantly trying to evolve and respond to new market conditions. Towards AXELteam explores new partnerships with new quality products improving constantly its range to meet the needs and requirements of its customers.

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Tel: +30 212 213 2020
Fax: +30 212 213 2021
Mob: +30 6974 381 275


Working Hours
Monday - Friday 8:30 - 18:30
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